Why join the Council?

Do you believe in a real democracy, where the rights and priorities of ordinary citizens are respected? Do you want social justice? Do you recognize the pressing need to deal with climate change and to move our country towards environmental sustainability? Do you think that the economy should serve the needs of people rather than the other way around? Do you believe that Canada has value and is worth fighting for? If yes, then join us! Together, let’s fight for democracy and a better Canada!

To join the Council, visit the national website’s ‘Join Us!’ page. However, when joining through the national website, please be sure to click the box that says, ‘I would like to be contacted by my local Council chapter.’; otherwise, because of privacy rules, we won’t receive your contact information and we may never connect!

For information on the Vancouver-Burnaby Chapter’s activities, please contact us at vancouvercouncilofcanadians@gmail.com or 604-263-1005.

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