Rally against civil rights abuses at G20 Summit

At the Toronto G20 Summit in June 2o10, the Federal and Ontario governments and their security forces perpetrated a number of grave human rights abuses against peaceful protesters, after having allowed a handful of thugs to engage in property damage. Abuses included physical attacks, arbitrary and unwarranted arrests (the largest mass arrest in Canadian history), and confinement of lawful protesters in overcrowded and inhumane detention facilities, failing to inform detainees of their rights or provide them access to a lawyer.

What happened during the G20 Summit needs to be understood in a larger context. In the period leading up to the summit, the Ontario government passed a secret law that gave security forces unprecedented powers of arrest, which the security forces used to great effect during the summit. Following the summit, a number of prominent activists remained in detention or were subjected to extremely severe ongoing restrictions on their civil rights.

To add insult to injury, security for the summit cost taxpayers close to a billion dollars.

At a rally in Vancouver on June 17, citizens gathered to protest the outrageous violation of Canadians’ human rights that occurred at the Toronto G20 Summit, and to express their solidarity with the victims of the G20 abuses.

Gathered at Victory Square

Victim of G20 abuse speaks

Speaking about G20 abuses

Chapter members at Victory Square

Citizens gathering for the march

Chapter members preparing to march

Reclaim your rights

G20 Placards

Youth prepare to march

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