Health Care

Fighting the creeping privatization of Medicare

Canada’s public health care system is the jewel of Canada’s social welfare programs. It was born out of a real need to provide quality health care regardless of ability to pay. Canadians regularly rank public health care as our most important social program and even as one of the things that most defines us as a nation. One of the founders of the Canadian public health care system was Tommy Douglas, who was voted the “Greatest Canadian”. Since the late 1960s, Canada’s public health care system has been providing Canadians with high quality public health care. Canada’s public system replaced a private system in which serious illness was often a financial catastrophe for families. It is also in stark contrast to the largely private U.S. health care model, where wealthy people have access to cutting edge health care but tens of millions of people have no health insurance whatsoever, and a huge portion of the public is under-insured.

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