Canadian Health Coalition’s new public education video

Why does private health care lengthen public wait times?

Dear friend,

Just like an umbrella on a rainy day, our public health care system has us covered. But in recent years there has been increased privatization of our public system and that hurts all of us. Patients are being billed unlawfully, unnecessary medical tests are being performed to increase profits, and medical resources are being sent to the private system resulting in longer wait times for the rest of us.

Canadians clearly don’t want U.S. style health care. We have all heard stories of people going bankrupt over outrageous medical bills or losing their homes and savings after treatment for a loved one. But not everyone knows the strain for-profit clinics put on our public health care system here in Canada.

That’s why we created this animated video. Using the example of a grocery store, we explain the impact of adding a “private express lane” to our health care system.

Please take a moment to watch the video and share it with your friends and colleagues. Public education is one of the pillars of our democracy.

And there’s one more way you can help. 

We want this video to reach far and wide to viewers across the country, of all ages and backgrounds. Everyone needs to know the negative impact these profit-driven clinics have on our public system.

Will you chip in to help us promote this important video far and wide?


Social media promotion and ads are incredibly effective when it comes to public education, but they can be expensive. To reach a broad viewership, we need your support.

We know from our work on Parliament Hill that political parties have already started working on their list of priorities for the 2019 federal election. This video is an important reminder that Canadians believe passionately in health care based on equity and compassion, not greed and profits. With a flood of community support we will be able to show the political parties that a strong public health care system has to be one of their top priorities in 2019.

Every dollar counts because the more we raise, the more ads we can place, the more people will watch the video, and the bigger impact we can have. Can you help with this critical advertising blitz?


Like you, we believe in protecting and improving our public health care system; a system that puts patients before profits. We’re in this together.

With gratitude,

Pauline Worsfold, RN
Canadian Health Coalition

PS – If you prefer to donate by cheque, please send it payable to “Canadian Health Coalition” and mentioning that it’s for the “educational video ad campaign” to:

251 Bank St., Suite 212,
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1X3

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