Strong opinions on the future of public health care

To my surprise the Letters to the Editor section of the Saturday, September 24th edition of the Vancouver Sun shared the views of some strong proponents to Canada’s public health care system. The letters are about the B.C. Supreme court case, opened on September 6th, where Dr. Brian Day wants to strike down the law that prohibits extra billing and user fees by doctors which would lead to a two-tier American style system. He claims these rules violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Others disagree.

The following is a letter sent in from Powell River.

I read Ian Mulgrew’s column on the spectre of a two-tier, pay-for-care system and I would advise Canadians not go down that road. 

I am familiar with the two-tier system in Ireland, and it was one of the main reasons to return to Canada for the second time in 1990.

I had private health insurance in Ireland through my work, which I paid part of weekly. 

If one had to go for surgery in Ireland, a person who could afford to pay or had private insurance got surgery in a matter of months, and those who did not had to wait a couple of years. The wait time has now gone up to three to four years for the poor. They have been left behind and the same thing will happen here.

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