Stop Dr. Profit! Public Healthcare Under Threat

When: Tuesday, Sept. 6th at 9:00 am

Where: BC Supreme Courts, Vancouver

Corner of Nelson & Hornby (meeting point)

Pack the courts, defend public healthcare!

Dr. Brian Day will be attempting to help dismantle the public healthcare system at the BC Supreme Court with a constitutional challenge aimed at allowing for-profit delivery of medically necessary services. Dr. Day, better known as Dr. Profit, will be making his case starting September 6th. We are asking people to join us to defend the principles of universal, accessible and publicly funded health services that support all members of our community, not only those who can afford to pay for-profit fees.

Dr. Day owns the Cambie Surgery Centre in Vancouver, a for-profit clinic. The applications to the court claims that government regulations that place limitations on private for-profit medical services are in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. A court decision supporting the claim could open the doors to privatized healthcare system with private insurance companies and market based pricing for medical services. Many people are familiar with this model burdening residents in the US with $10,000-20,000 for annual insurance or in some cases for single procedures.

Wait times are increased in the public system by for-profit clinics as doctors and other resources are encouraged to work outside the public system. Ultimately this puts pressure on privatizing the public system that is the envy of those living in the US with only a private option. Let’s not let it happen.

Greed, being the primary motivation of for-profit clinics, leads to reduced safety, poorer quality of care and the “cherry-picking” of patients with low risk conditions or with high incomes. Meanwhile an audit conducted by the BC Government in 2012 found that in one month Dr. Day’s clinic had illegally billed patients for nearly $500,000. We can only imagine what else these clinics will do to maximize their bottom line.

The priority of healthcare providers should be people’s health, and providing services to everyone. The priority should not be to profit, as is the case with Dr. Day’s clinic. Join us outside the BC Supreme Court and inside the hearing to show your support for public healthcare and help us STOP DR. PROFIT!

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