Two Articles on Canadian Media Issues

Part 1 of 2 on Canadian Media


Corporate-owned media manipulation

threatens Canadian democracy

“Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.”
—  A.J. Liebling, American press critic 1904-1963

By Nick Fillmore

The economy of the Western world is in a shambles, but mainstream Canadian journalists are seemingly not allowed to write about the root of the problem – our current version of capitalism – or to come anywhere near suggesting that the capitalist system itself likely needs a major overhaul.
How is it possible that the real nitty-gritty behind the most important issue facing millions of people is pretty much a taboo topic? What has happened to our right to freedom of expression?

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Part 2 of 2 on Canadian media


Journalists, community groups need

to develop independent Canadian media


By Nick Fillmore


It is shocking that – in the 21st Century – we still have a system under which corporate over-lords – not the journalists who produce the news – control the process that determines the content of mainstream media.


Reporters and editors in mainstream media in Canada and the United States now operate at the whim of strong-armed publishers and owners who cater to the interests of the wealthy and corporations. Mainstream journalists who might have independent views are usually afraid to argue with senior editors over the content of their articles.


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Nick Fillmore

freelance journalist


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