No Fracking Way! An expert panel discussion on hydraulic fracturing

A panel of experts will talk about fracking taking place in Northern B.C, its effects and what we can do to try to stop its devastating impact on our water and the environment.

What is fracking?

Oil and gas companies are injecting beneath the ground millions of litres of water laced with thousands of kilograms of toxic chemicals and sand. Their goal is to extract natural gas. This is currently happening in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick, and there are plans to establish the practice in Quebec and Nova Scotia. Fracking threatens ground and surface water: our drinking water.

Wednesday March 16th, 7pm.

Vancouver Public Library Downtown

(Alma Van Dusen/Peter Kaye Rooms)

Free Admission.


Ben Parfitt, resource policy analyst with the BC Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Ben is the author of Fracture Lines: Will Canada’s Water be Protected in the Rush to Develop Shale Gas?, conducted for the Program on Water issues, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto. He is currently preparing a major paper on this topic for CCPA.

Caleb Behn, a law student currently working at Woodward and Company, who comes from the West Moberly and Fort Nelson First Nations. He will be presenting the ongoing struggle against fracking that indigenous communities are engaged in and address the impact of resource development more broadly, in north eastern BC. He has experience working as a lands manager for the Saulteau First Nation at Moberly Lake and highly values the traditional knowledge passed on to him by his grandparents.

Sponsored by the Vancouver/Burnaby Chapter of the Council of Canadians as part of World Water Day, 2011

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