Canadian Health Coalition’s new public education video

Why does private health care lengthen public wait times?

Dear friend,

Just like an umbrella on a rainy day, our public health care system has us covered. But in recent years there has been increased privatization of our public system and that hurts all of us. Patients are being billed unlawfully, unnecessary medical tests are being performed to increase profits, and medical resources are being sent to the private system resulting in longer wait times for the rest of us.

Canadians clearly don’t want U.S. style health care. We have all heard stories of people going bankrupt over outrageous medical bills or losing their homes and savings after treatment for a loved one. But not everyone knows the strain for-profit clinics put on our public health care system here in Canada.

That’s why we created this animated video. Using the example of a grocery store, we explain the impact of adding a “private express lane” to our health care system.

Please take a moment to watch the video and share it with your friends and colleagues. Public education is one of the pillars of our democracy.

And there’s one more way you can help. 

We want this video to reach far and wide to viewers across the country, of all ages and backgrounds. Everyone needs to know the negative impact these profit-driven clinics have on our public system.

Will you chip in to help us promote this important video far and wide?


Social media promotion and ads are incredibly effective when it comes to public education, but they can be expensive. To reach a broad viewership, we need your support.

We know from our work on Parliament Hill that political parties have already started working on their list of priorities for the 2019 federal election. This video is an important reminder that Canadians believe passionately in health care based on equity and compassion, not greed and profits. With a flood of community support we will be able to show the political parties that a strong public health care system has to be one of their top priorities in 2019.

Every dollar counts because the more we raise, the more ads we can place, the more people will watch the video, and the bigger impact we can have. Can you help with this critical advertising blitz?


Like you, we believe in protecting and improving our public health care system; a system that puts patients before profits. We’re in this together.

With gratitude,

Pauline Worsfold, RN
Canadian Health Coalition

PS – If you prefer to donate by cheque, please send it payable to “Canadian Health Coalition” and mentioning that it’s for the “educational video ad campaign” to:

251 Bank St., Suite 212,
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1X3

Canadian Health Coalition | 613.688.4973 |

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Update from the Vancouver/Burnaby Chapter Steering Committee

The Vancouver/Burnaby Steering Committee of the COC met recently to decide which of the many areas the Council works on we want to pursue in the coming months. Some of the really important issues require work at the National level to achieve any real progress. We have chosen to focus on issues where we believe there are concrete actions we can take at a local level which will make a difference.

Trade:  This is a prime example of an issue where most work needs to be done at other levels. However, we see the importance of helping Canadians to understand the implications of these so called Free Trade Agreements. To that end we plan to put together a leaflet relevant to all such agreements, suitable for the general public. We will include this leaflet on tables at our public events and distribute in other venues as the opportunity arises.

Health: This is a major focus for the Council and we are fortunate to have locally the BC Health Coalition which brings together stakeholders to work together on issues which support, defend and expand our public health system. Rather than duplicate efforts we plan to work with the BCHC in a supporting role. We liaise with the coalition through our representative on their steering committee. There may be opportunities for action around the Brian Day case in the coming months.

We would also like to work on the campaign for a National Pharmacare Program. Ideas include getting a short video prepared on the case for a National Pharmacare Program to be distributed as widely as possible, and distributing a simple pamphlet on the issue for the general public.

Climate Justice:  This is another broad topic which needs work at all levels, and there are many organizations tackling climate issues in many different ways. We feel that the campaign to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline should be our major focus right now. We want to look for ways to link with other organizations active on this issue e.g. Dogwood and BROKE and find ways to help support the NDP’s opposition to this pipeline.

Blue Communities: Some years ago Burnaby became a Blue Community but we gather may not have followed through with all the commitments made by Blue Community members. We wish to explore this and also work to get Vancouver city council to sign on as a Blue Community as well.

Militarism: We are increasingly concerned about the degree of militarization in Canada, with arms sales to Saudi Arabia and our Defence Minister’s talk of foreign threats. We would like to suggest to the National office that this is an issue for the COC to pursue. At the local level we could check with Ceasefire to see if there are any things we can do in BC to help further their goals. We may also wish to link with organizations like the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, and the White Poppy group who share similar goals.

If you are interested in working with us on any of these proposals, please get in touch. You can reach Penny (Chapter contact) at 604 263 1005 or at

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Beyond Banksters Book Tour

Beyond Banksters Book Tour
with author Joyce Nelson

As a part of a 7 city book tour on the pacific coast Joyce Nelson will be speaking about her book Beyond Banksters: Resisting the New Feudalism (2016). Details for each stop are included below.

Joyce Nelson is an award winning writer and researcher who has published six books. In Beyond Banksters she examines the role corporations and private banks are working together to continue the privatization of public infrastructure and services. Politicians have supported this process through laws and regulations that benefit the global elite and their interests while at the same time undermining the ability of people to challenge these trends. Ideologically neo-liberalism has normalised the idea that there is no alternative to market fundamentalism, slashing regulation, the pursuit of profit and the enclosure of the public sphere. Nelson provides hope for resistance and highlights what means are available to people to challenge this “new feudalism”.

Please join us for this important event to understand the role that private banks are playing in our communities and their impact on our daily lives. The role of these banks is linked to the goals set out in international corporate rights agreements such as NAFTA and CETA as well as neoliberal ideology more generally that promotes the ability of corporations to exercise their power while undermining the power of communities and their democratic rights.

The events below are organized by local chapters of the Council of Canadians and sponsored by the Watershed Sentinel.

September 25th @ 7:00 pm
University of Victoria, David Turpin Building (DTB) A104
Co-sponsored by University of Victoria Social Justice Studies
For more info:

September 26th @ 7:00 pm
Mesachie Room, Island Savings Centre,
2687 James St., Duncan
For more info:

Comox Valley
September 27th @ 7:00 pm
Stan Hagen Theatre at North Island College
2300 Ryan Road, Courtenay
For more info:

Powell River
September 28th @ 2:00 pm
Powell River Public Library
6975 Alberni St, Suite 100
For more info:

September 30th @ 7:00 pm
Ralph Fisher Auditorium at Richmond Hospital
7000 Westminster Highway
For more info:

October 2nd @ 7:00 pm
Sardis Library, 5819 Tyson Road
For more info:

October 3rd @ 7:00 pm
702 Bernard Ave (& Richter)
For more info:

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Film Screening – “100 Short Stories”

“100 Short Stories”

Predatory capitalism, renewable energy, and the fight against fracking

68:30 min  |  2016

100 SHORT STORIES is the latest documentary from acclaimed Nova Scotian filmmaker Neal Livingston, and his first feature-length film. Neal will be in attendance to address the audience during the screening in Vancouver:

Friday June 9th, 7pm

Vancouver Public Library, 350 West Georgia

Alma VanDusen & Peter Kaye Rooms (lower level)

Screening is hosted by the Vancouver/Burnaby Chapter of the Council of Canadians

For more info:

With his filmmaker’s typical irreverence, Livingston interweaves tales of predatory capitalism, eco-activism, and contemporary life in Atlantic Canada, engaging in an offbeat and often humorous exploration of energy policy, governance, and regional culture, in a diaristic collage of entrepreneurship and environmentalism. The film presents a first-person account of a years long struggle to develop Black River Wind a renewable energy project, and overcoming an attempted hostile takeover. Meanwhile, the local citizens of Inverness County band together to defeat oil and gas drilling and fracking coming onto Cape Breton Island.

2017 Energy Award – Cinema Verde Film Festival (one of the Top 6 environmental film festivals in the USA), Official Selection at Atlantic Film Festival (Halifax) & Planet in Focus (Toronto).


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Vancouver-Burnaby chapter distributes 1100 leaflets on BC provincial election issues


The BC Legislative Building in Victoria

The Council of Canadians Vancouver/Burnaby chapter is encouraging people to vote for candidates who will create more jobs in sustainable ways, reduce poverty, tax fairly, increase climate justice, strengthen public health, restore BC Ferries as a crown corporation, and enhance democracy.

Chapter activist Penny Tilby tells us, “Over the past four weeks our chapter distributed 1100 leaflets outlining some of the key issues we want  people to consider in voting in our provincial election. On the whole the information was well received.”

Tilby highlights, “These were given out at a couple of all-candidate meetings in Burnaby, but the majority were distributed in the Vancouver community at transit hubs and malls. The aim was to reach as many of the general public as possible and not just the already politically interested people who come to meetings.”

The chapter’s leaflet says:
For a BC with more job opportunities, better social programs, higher income equality, and stronger democracy, please VOTE for the candidate who will –

1– Create more BC jobs by investing in ambitious climate action plans; revitalizing the forest industry; building affordable rental housing; hiring more teachers, nurses, childcare workers, and home care workers; and instituting a just transition strategy for retraining workers for jobs in a low-carbon, sustainable economy.

2– Reduce poverty by providing livable social assistance and disability benefits; introducing $10 per day childcare; increasing minimum wage to $15 per hour; and implementing the recommendations of Grand Chief Ed John’s report to improve conditions for Indigenous
children on- and off-reserve

3– Tax fairly to pay for needed programs by ensuring that corporations and wealthy citizens pay their share of the tax burden. Corporations and the wealthy benefit from infrastructure and subsidies, paid for by taxes, to support their businesses; their tax burden should be in line with the profits enjoyed.

4– Increase climate justice by developing sustainable energy initiatives, always in consultation with affected communities and recognizing Indigenous rights; implementing policy to reduce our dependence on oil, lower natural gas emissions, and decrease water pollution; and shrinking our carbon footprint – no new oil and LNG pipelines.

5– Strengthen public health by eliminating MSP premiums; pressing for a national public drug plan; increasing mental health services and home care services for seniors; and creating healthy living conditions for those living on-reserve.

6– Restore BC Ferries by returning it to crown corporation status so that it operates only in the public interest as an integral part of the public transit system and not as a ‘for-profit’ agency.

7– Enhance democracy by banning corporate and union donations to political parties and by passing anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) legislation to prevent corporations from launching frivolous law suits intended to silence and bankrupt activists.

The provincial election takes place on May 9.

The Council of Canadians is a non-partisan organization that endorses no political party, but rather is committed to building a peoples’ movement capable of holding any government accountable to the public interest.


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